commission work

For my wholesale trade, I’m constantly working on the Jurianne Matter collection. It’s through other projects outside of this collection, that I get the opportunity to delve into totally different styles and target groups. I’m good at this: a true chameleon, I can relate to different audiences, but always manage to maintain my individual signature. And that's why get asked for it, of course!

What can I do for your company?

You can approach me to design textile and/or paper products for you, or just the patterns. Additionally, I can personalise one of my own products to suit your wishes. I am also adept in designing a complete style concept for your future collection, or the interface of your website.  

A small selection from my portfolio:

  • Ompak Gift Packaging: annual design of the complete winter and spring collection of wrapping paper, gift labels, stickers and ribbon.
  • Engel: prints for bags and design of textile party bunting.
  • Artis Zoo: prints for enamelled garden tools and baby sun-hats.
  • Bladcadeau (Sanoma): stylistic concept for the design of new packaging.
  • VT-Wonen shop: collection of black and white paper products.
  • Rijksmuseum: set of paper angels based on the painting ‘Winterlandschap met Schaatsers’ (‘Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters’), by Hendrick Avercamp.


  • Trend and style consultancy for group of fair trade home & gift manufacturers.
  • Various paper ‘give-aways’ for magazines: Happinez, Flow, Buitenleven and Pink Ribbon magazine.
  • Set of paper angels for La Mesa.
  • Concept for new look & feel of the website
  • End of year gifts and event products (including unique, floating light boats for the funeral industry).

Are you interested or do you have a question?

Send me an email via info@juriannematter and we will take a look at the possibilities.