I have a routine of morning walks for years already. These walks give the rest of my day a solid and silent base. As soon as I see the morning light I put on my hiking shoes and walk into the nature reserve that is right behind my house. Walking in the exact same area for years could sound ultra-boring, but it is not. Every day is different, the weather, my mood, the season, the animals I meet, never a dull moment!

Most of the time I am just walking, looking, listening to birds, talking to deer (I am a bit loony when it comes to that) and taking pics here and there, which you can find on my instagram feed. Every now and then I design a nature color palette.



I actually design the palettes while walking. They change constantly. I can start with a broken mushroom I find on the moss and while walking I collect the other ‘colors’. I pick up a reddish leaf and drop it back on the ground when I find a beige oak leaf that I like more, I change a fresh green acorn for an old brown one and I add some yellow berries I find alongside the path. When I come home I empty my pockets, arrange my nature treasures, take a pic and define the colors.

This way I try to digitalize and analyze nature and it gives me an insight in  the color combo’s nature made for us.  And in the end I use them for my designs, of course!

If you want to see more, search and/or follow #jmcolorpalettes Instagram.