As you might know I design collections for Ompak gift paper. Ompak is a wholesale company, shops buy large rolls (like 100 metre) to wrap their books, clothes, or gifts in. I work with Ompak already since winter 2014.


My starting point is always a mood board. This way we have an outline of our ideas, a hint of the direction, and later on for me it’s a nice source for my designs. The mood board shows: an overall look and feel, the leading colour scheme, the use of patterns and materials.
The Ompak collections always start with putting our antennas out and trying to catch what is going on. I always take a look at my own needs too. What is my feeling for the coming season? Is that what the majority of Ompak customers hope to see too? Do we want large patterns, plants, houses, abstract shapes, soft pastels, bold colours, black and white?


This year we decided to keep Christmas simple, small and traditional. No big statements, no ‘new views on Christmas’. I felt I wanted to keep it understated, using small, simple and traditional patterns.
Let’s be honest, the only things we really need are simple: that cosy feeling of being together, some candles, warm tea (ok, plus cake) and the comfort of our repeating winter traditions...
We made it easy for the retailers to mix and match, and the best thing is:
If you use the smaller neutral patterns without a special Christmas ribbon or sticker they are great for November or February too!