What is in a name? With every product I design comes the important task of finding it a fitting name. A name that suits the design, which fits in with the names of the rest of my collection and last but not least ...a name that doesn’t mean anything strange in another language.

Sometimes the name pops in my head even before the design is ready or I get inspired during the design process. But most of the time the product is finished and then comes the sudden realization that I still have to find a name for it.


I often consult Google translate and search for translations in Northern European languages. Hey… people tend to think I am Scandinavian anyway because of the look and feel of my designs. My Fridur angels for example have an Icelandic name. Fridur means peace in Icelandic. The name of my tiny houses, BYGGE, means ‘to build’ in Danish. And the grey tea towel with the flying birds is called SYD, which is Danish for ‘south’.


When I am at a loss and want some input I call my assistant Kim. We share this immense love for languages, having both studied linguistics at University. We just start coming up with names on the phone, brainstorming together. But it is usually in the most random of places, like in the shower or while hanging up the washing we come up with the best names. One name was even born in the parking lot of a shopping mall.