weave lanterns

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To create the Weave lanterns, I used pattern designs found in woven materials and macramé. After all, textiles are my second love!

Each individual design in this set looks different thanks to various prints, colour combinations and folding shapes. The pre-cut ‘card’ is given its shape by creating a few horizontal folds and then turned into a party light by folding it round. The lantern fits around a tall glass (for safety reasons) containing a tea light.

Weave lanterns are little pockets of light for your house and at your (garden) party. Oh, and because they start out life flat, they can easily be sent as a small gift in the mail or as a light in darker times!

The A5 format card fits around a high glass (diam. max 6 cm) with a tea-light inside. One pack contains 7 lanterns of different designs.

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