Hi, I am Jurianne and I am a perfectionist.

Just blindly reprinting my popular KORE paper flowers was no option: I wanted to change the color palette a little, just for fun. But what I really wanted was change the design of what I call the ‘ferns’ in this easy paper bouquet.

In the first Kore flowers the ferns consisted of single ‘banana shaped’ leaves that, once strung on the wire, kind of never did what we wanted: they pointed in every direction and could look a bit messy in your vase or wreath. Sometimes, when I saw your gorgeous pics on insta of the beautiful paper wreaths you made from my Kore flowers and I saw these fern leaves dangling on the side, it annoyed the perfectionist in me big time. Of course I never told you, hey, I need to pay the mortgage here... ;-)

So I changed it into large and easy Ferns (mind the capital F) in one piece, that can be bend in all directions and still look super! I made them easy peasy to assemble as well and they even gave them a slight 3D feel, because you can give depth to the pre scored leaves...

One thing: these new ferns needed to be much bigger, since they were technically complex for the cutting process, so there was only room for two of them in stead of three.

Furthermore I took the ochre out, made the brown more brown, the pale pinkish nude more beige and added a greyish stone color. And: YES, you get 6 metres of wire now, in stead of 4, so you can make nice long bouquets!

I am happy with my Kore 2.0! Check them out, I hope you like them too!